Does your business pay too much to accept credit cards?


When you process a credit card transaction, how much is your bank charging you? The truth is, you’re probably paying too much to process credit card transactions. We can do it better for less.  

Show me a recent statement, and I can show you in black and white how much money CardConnect can save you. So much of your credit card business shouldn't be paid to someone else. We can optimize and improve upon how your card processing works. I’d love to talk to you about how CardConnect can help you keep more of your money in your own pocket.


Miles Sullivan
Account Manager
Phone: 312.644.2293
Fax: 312.644.2757

From startups and small businesses to Fortune 100 companies and the Social Security Administration, sellers rely on CardConnect to track, process, and manage their payments. 

"CardConnect provided very competitive pricing and went above and beyond for us during integration. This has been an incredibly easy transition—the monthly statements are straightforward and user-friendly. If we have questions or issues, CardConnect is there with the answers. I'm thrilled.”

- Nancy Parrillo
  CFO, Rhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority